Omnia II and i8910 HD coming to Singapore

Omnia HD


Good news for Samsung fans in Singapore. Samsung has unveiled the pricing and availability date for the much awaited i8910 Omnia HD and WinMo powered Omnia II. Omnia II will make to the retail shelves as early as this weekend, from July 18 at a recommended price of S$898 (US$615) without contract. Since the phone is coming out early, it will run WinMo 6.1 OS which could be later upgraded to WinMo 6.5.


But if HD video recording is your only concern, you’ll be able to pick the i8910 HD from August 1 at S$1098 (US$750).

To know more about these devices, click here (Omnia II) and here (Omnia HD).


  • kashmir

    When do we get Omni specifications as follows?

    16 GB memory internal
    12 lux camera.
    Price in USA and avaibility

  • kashmir

    When do we get Omni in USA of 16 GB and 12 lux camera

  • kashmir

    when do we get the unit in usa