Samsung announces Omnia HD and Omnia PRO B7320 in India



The wait is over. Samsung has officially announced its HD video recording phone Omnia HD in India. For a decent price of Rs. 33,990 and the rich feature set, I think it’s going to be tough for Nokia to justify N97’s price. Anyways, back to Omnia HD, the phone as we know boasts a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, TouchWiz UI, 8MP camera with 720p video recording, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA, HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.7Mbps16GB internal memory with expandable up to 48GB via microSD card, accelerometer, GPS navigation and maps from NAVTEQ and 3D games. Another interesting tidbit is the processor. As per previous reports, it has a 600MHz ARM Cortex A8 but this one is claimed to have a Gigahertz of clockspeed. The proof is in the gallery albeit a blurry one.


Omnia PRO B7320 was also announced today. It’s a smartphone targeted at business-class users. The phone runs on WinMo 6.1 Standard edition but will be upgradeable to WinMo 6.5 later on, 528MHz processor, 256MB ROM and RAM, 3G, 3MPcamera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Office Suite, microSD slot (up to 16GB) and 1480mAh battery. It will go for Rs. 16,500.

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  • TJ

    Just tell me the store when it will be available at the mobile store,,thanks samsung for that great price
    I will be the first one to go for it

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  • AS

    can anyone tell Omnia HD is available in which store in mumbai

  • ARUN

    hi,this is arun here fro india here, right Now i am having E71 nokia ,can u tell what is difference between E71 & B7320 here? for comparision ?
    i am waiting for reply here

  • Ardalan Persian

    ooooooooooooooooooooove !!!!
    Its too much… why they are so slow !

    oh by the way after I mentioned that the 1 Ghz is just a clock speed sum, they changed the information in ” ” as well…

    still waiting samsung !!!

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  • Ardalan Persian

    Its Ganesha Chaturthi… Happy to my indian friends…

    I thought they will lunch the Omnia HD by this festival but still no chance…

    Samsung guys move your AXXes a little faster pleas !

  • o.p.sharma

    O.P.Sharma sept 4th, 2009 hi,this is O.P.Sharma here from india here, right Now i am having E71 nokia ,can u tell what is difference between E71 & B7320 here? for comparision ?

    i am waiting for reply here

  • manjeet

    difference between e71 and pro 7320 is absence of flash in pro .Also of OS.In pro we have windows while in e71 there is symbian

  • Renith

    Please do not go in for the Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 yet. The support is India is pathetic.

  • Sandeep

    Please tell, how can i set push email on samsung omnia pro 7320.

  • kumarann

    Anyone can tell me where the mobile Samsung Omnia Pro will be available? Someone said to me that model is faced off and not available in the market. Was it true?

    I am really impressed about Samsung Omnia Pro 7320, because it is a true enterprise mobile phone comes with lowest prices. If it is being available in the market, really I’d be stick to it.

  • anupam

    I have Omnia Pro B732. The service is as bad as it can get from a reputed company like Samsung. They had announced a free data plan for some months with Reliance. This was not not hounoured by Reliance, and Reliance store and customer care people did not know about it at all. Samsung advertised that the phone has GPS. It is not mentioned in the manual how to use it. I tried several times and could not figure out how to activate it and use it. Samsung mentions that the software will be upgraded to Windows 6.5. Micorsoft website does not give any information about this, and does not seem to even promote this as a Windows phone. I after spending several hours, visiting Samsung service center, I could not get the software upgraded to Windows 6.5. The phone has a feature for updating the Windows 6.1 software. It does not work, and just keeps trying to connect. The phone has good features for its price, and could have been the best selling business phone with font and back side cameras, 3G, good design, good looks, GPS, etc. But Samsung India is not in a mood to promote it. So the company may be suffering losses on this phone, and their employees may be moving to other phone companies and selling their products.

  • anupam

    This is by far the best phone for its price, if Samsung can discuss matters with Samsung India and make them sell it with all its features working, and competing with the likes of Nokia.

  • sk maltare

    i m also a victim of buying samsung omnia pro gt b7320 window phone. i was just about to bye nokia business phone which a proven tech ans proven repute also. i tempted by samsung window phone and by its feature, which are either not working or very difficult to working. i also visited local authorised shop for update and asking for hindi font to install which is a pre requisite in india, but as the mr anupam had said the co. it self is not interested in it, and making adds in a big way. i m feeling at loss. and thinking to go back to nokia astabal.