No glasses required for this 52-inch Samsung 3D Display



In addition to exhibiting the 240Hz 55-inch full HD 3D LCD TV, Samsung has also brought a 52-inch 3D Display that does not require any glasses. The display is being showcased at KES 2009 and is specifically targeted at marketers who can use it as a digital information display (DID). The display will offer only 3D and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Other details like pricing and availability are still not known.


  • kashmir

    We as consumers need basic Tv with New LED technology to save cost by not providing extra options etc

  • Jerry Ryberg

    How good it the 3D? As good as with glasses? Meant for marketers?
    It will be fun to see, when we finally do.
    I hope to be able to afford a 3D tv this summer.

  • jay h.prager

    Its about time no glaases…there is anumber of requirements that the manufactures dont know about that MUST BE INCLUDFED IN THE SOFTWARE/HARDWARE….Firmeware…..for the tv display to be acceptable to the general consumer…otherwise they will be holding there units for a long time or discount them heavely…..I WOULD LIKE To discuss the necessary components that must bge included with the no glasses viewers. jay prager