Samsung B3310 will be known as Corby Mate in India



Samsung B3310 is not retailing yet but the product page listed on Samsung Mobile’s website reveals the quirky QWERTY slider phone will be sold as Corby Mate in India.

The phone will presumably priced a little higher than the original Corby and feature a 2-inch display, quad-band GSM support, 2MP camera, video recorder, FM Radio, Bluetooth, microSD card slot and 40MB internal memory. The phone also comes with instant access to various social networks and IM functions.

[Thanks, Ashish!]

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  • Tejeshwer

    Is it up for sale now? How much is the expected cost? Please share how it performs on IM?

  • nintendo ds

    Corby’s just been shipped to Romania as well. Lovely product with great autonomy for a touch phone and stylish looks. Definitely a winner….

  • Suraj

    When is the phone expected to be launched?
    what is the expected launch price?
    can you mail me the specifics?
    is this also a touch screen model?

  • kunal

    @suraj: No idea on the launch date but the expected price will be around Rs. 6,000-8,000. You can check out detailed specifications at its product page on Samsung Mobile India website and no it’s not a touchscreen model.

  • leanne

    how much is it? =S

  • abbas

    Wakaoooooo..atta fone..i Lovved itt!! but i hv a few sawaalz???
    1) wts the price like?
    2) does it have a Wifi?
    3) and is the memory expanadable?i mean..whts te mem..n can u attach a MC to it??

  • deepak hatkar

    when is this mobile launching in mumbai ??what would be its cost?plz reply soon

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  • pulak

    This mobile cost rs.6000 in mumbai India.
    this comes with 1gb card.
    internal mem 40mb.
    n externally 1gb with it ….
    n 4g.b extendible

  • richa

    can u tell me the price of this corby phone pls.. i want to buy it in Gujarat…

  • Riyaz

    hey will the screen changes from horizontal to vertical view whenever we change its position means i.e when we hold it vertically without using the slide will the screen display is vertical and also
    when we hold it horizontally opening the slide will the screen display is horizontal

  • manoj

    yaar Samsung Corby Mate ka rate kya hai in delhi

  • manoj

    what is the rate Samsung Corby Mate in delhi & in which showroom

  • ram

    is the size of the screen is well enough..?????it doesnt look wider in the pics…wen compard to oyer corbys..

  • pdb

    d phone is approx RS 6500/-

  • raj

    yar wat is the cost of the mobilein hyderabad

  • babar

    what is the rate Samsung Corby Mate in delhi & in which showroom

  • Prasanna Gadkari

    Bought this phone for dusserah at Rs. 4900

    + Easy text menu and features
    + Compact keyboard. Bigger keys than Blackberry
    + Fair camera
    + Good connection to PC
    + Good battery life, even hat half the power

    - Unreliable GUI
    - Too many menus. Hard to navigate
    - Poor in built games
    - Confusing shortcut keys

    Overall : Should the GUI (interface) be improved, its really a nice phone! Gets 4 stars