Samsung showing various display tech at FPD 2009



At the FPD International 2009 in Japan, Samsung has arrived with a plethora of interesting display technologies. The list starts with the recently unveiled 3.9mm Needle Slim LED TV panels along with 3D displays, slim netbook/notebook display, eco-friendly Edge-lit TVs and more. We’ll update the list as we uncover more.

- 40-inch 3.9mm Needle Slim LED TV panel
- 24-inch 3.5mm monitor LCD panel
- 12.1-inch 1.64mm notebook LCD panel
- Eco-friendly Edge-lit LED backlit TVs
- 10.1-inch Pentile multi-touch display
- 52-inch 3D display (without glasses)
- 55-inch 240Hz full HD 3D display (with glasses)
- 30-inch AMOLED 3D display
- 2-inch transparent OLED display
- 10.1-inch color e-paper
- 3.3-inch WQVGA AMOLED 3D display
- 3.5-inch WVGA Curved Display