So what is Vita OS?



UPDATE: As Sven points out, this could have been done to avoid any hurdles in the EU region but Samsung too, has applied for the Bada and Vita OS trademarks.

Going through recent trademark filings from Samsung, I discovered an interesting filing. A trademark by the name of “VITA OS” was filed by Samsung at the USPTO. Interestingly, this name was filed for registration a day after Samsung filed for Bada OS.

So what could Vita OS possibly be? If we speculate, it could be an altogether new OS, presumably for smartphones since bada is there for feature phones or could be that Samsung zeroed down on two names for their feature phone OS but decided to go with bada. Second guess sounds more reasonable but you never know.

A website is also registered under their name.

PS: If you know something about Vita that you can share, feel free to reach us. ;)

  • Sven Schoene

    Hi there,have seen the vita trademark also.i think it has something to do with a trademark problem that could affect their europe trademark of bada.there is a guy in germany that could block their german and eu registration of samsungs bada trademark cause he is using an almost identical looking trademark in the same category.have looked the company website up it´s maybe samsung wants to have a back door if soemthing goes wrong.cheers Sven

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  • Sven Schoene
  • Karlheinz

    That looks interesting but I guess that Samsung will hold on to BADA after all their publishing on their homepage ( which clearly shows the BADA logo.

    In case of a copyright issue this could be kind of problematic but I think Samsung will stick to it after the launch of their new platform ( in December with all those 2.7M$ in prices to claim.

  • Sven Schoene


    youre right.wouldnt make any sense to rename it to Vita.made a small research and as per law the german party could file a dispute against their EU and german bada trademark due the similarity of both brands.
    if they do it would force samsung to stop using the brand respectivly inside of germany till the issue is solved.maybe in front of court or outside with an agreement……maybe the german guys havent seen it yet so there wont be any problem ;)

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