Samsung Omnia II to get WM 6.5.3 update in May



Samsung Sweden has confirmed a free firmware update for Omnia II users. The update will be available in the latter half of May and the biggest change will be the touchscreen performance. Samsung says in addition to the revamped UI, the touch response will be much faster and intuitive. Samsung also confirmed to launch a white Omnia II and will ship all Omnia II devices pre-installed with WM 6.5.3 OS after late May.

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  • djbj

    so if that is true – how true is it?
    sory for confusing question but i bought my phone in Macedonia from operator One and still have no update to 6.5, i have 6.1 altough it clearly sad to be upgradable online to 6.5

    i have tried all possible upgrade options and my phone is still NOT SUPORTED

    i this going to be the same expirience?

  • Sandeep Arora

    I have bought Samsung Omnia II i8000 in India in month of Feb 2010 and it has come preloaded with Windows Mobile 6.1. I have searched the website but barring India there is upgrade available for Windows Mobile 6.5. Do you expect will India get latest update soon or it will take 5 – 10 years to get an upgrade?

  • Back2Nature

    No wonder.. I read about new OS in May before I traveled to Sweden early May and received SMS saying I could upgrade. However, back home in Singapore, it says I already have the latest OS when I tried to upgrade yesterday. So, I guess I have to wait.

  • f.h.

    Has this update been released yet all I see are articles saying it is coming out but so far nothing from Verizon or on Smasung’s website…

  • Steve Gilbert

    Samsung UK say a 6.5.3 upgrade will not be offered here. Their reply on 08 Jun follows >>

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics regarding the GT-i8000.

    I do not have a date for any possible upgrade to Windows Mobile v6.5.3. I spoke to our Product Specialist and it seems that if this was tohappen, it would change the handset from its current operating specification to something akin to Windows Mobile 7, where it is not as adaptable by the manufacturer or the network. Please visit our website for information on new events on our handsets.

  • Wade

    No Windows Phone 6.5.3 upgrade’s available from Verizon as of today from what I can tell: Samsung’s SCH-i920 page still lists only the April 2010 update (which is a fine update, but not the more finger-friendly 6.5.3.)

  • RK

    Hello there, is there any update windows mobile for samsung i8000? The current ver that my mob has is 6.5.

    Thanks to confirm the web site.

  • Steve Gilbert

    I begin to think the 6.5.3 upgrade is a myth maintained by the hopeful. The reply I got from Samsung UK seems to suggest that 6.5.3 cannot be branded by a network – example T-Mobile or Orange – so they are not prepared to offer it. My Omnia II is network (SIM) free. Anyone know if I can upgrade it myself a different way?

  • Stan

    I asked about an update for the i920 as well. I got a canned response that told me nothing. Clearly there’s no functional limitation to rolling out the upgrade as custom ROMs already implement it. But it’d be nice to have a newer official version, which would hopefully run even better and clean up a couple UI issues (dialer scroll bar, etc.). I don’t see it happening though.

    After the completely impersonal response I got (the person replying said they didn’t know if a 6.5 update would be available, when my phone came with 6.5 installed), I won’t be buying another Samsung.

  • Anders

    Hi everyone.
    I have a story to tell if someone is interested. I bought a 16 GB Omnia II in late march. I check that the latest firmware was installed and it was working for about 2 weeks, then the 16 GB internal memory disapeared.
    Sent it in for repair and got it back 1 week later. It worked fine for 2 more weeks but then the memory disapeared again. Sent it in for repair once again. This time it took over one month to get it back. This time I’m quite sure that it updated to Win 6.5.3 because it was completely different and much nicer than before. There was only one problem, phone calls did not workt. Sent it in for the third time to get this minor bug fixed.
    This time they kept it for for an other month. When I finally got it back the firmware was updated again and it was looking really nice, but of cause, you could still not makes calls with it. This time they said a was to get my money back. With no phone but all my money back I wanted to buy a new phone. Here in Sweden you can now only by a Omnia II with 2 GB memory and win 6.5.3. Last time I had 16 GB memory, so i thought 2 GB was a little to little (I want all apps incl TomTom and naval charts to be installed on the internal memory so you can switch sd-cards without loosing any installed programs). Finally I found a Web shop that had both a 2 GB version and 8 GB version. Fine, i bought the 8 GB version and got it today. I unpacked it and it was not win 6.5.3 on it. Tried to update but got the message “phone not supported”. Called Samsung, they said it should work and they told me to send in the phone for repair…. I’m quite convinced that i will get the phone back with 6.5.3 but I will not be able to make calls…

  • Hello

    Hello Ahders,
    any update?

  • Marcio Ferreira

    Ainda nenhuma novidade sobre a atualização do Omnia 2 6.5.3, aguel sabe de algo, aqui no terceiro mundo não chegou nada ainda, vocês seres superiores poderiam me ajudar, por favor.

  • Dun Cee

    SO, is the update available in Singapore?
    and my warrenty has already expired, will samsung do the update for me?
    lastly, can Omnia II upgrade to window mobile 7?

    • kunal

      @Dun Cee: If Samsung Singapore has released the update, you’ll get it irrespective of the warranty. Omnia II is not upgradeable to Windows Phone 7

  • Mark Coutts

    Samsung i8000 omnia2 is a waste of money. Have been told that it will only have windows 6.5 and that is it. They don’t ever plan any more updates. Samsung and bell mobility Canada do not even sell this phone any more.

  • Dun Cee

    @Mark Coutts
    Totally agreed. what is the point of having hardware is so good, where its software is crap. 800MHz precessor is more laggy than 600MHz phone. Applications and games are limited and useless.. calculator..dictionary…clock(analog/ and etc..
    Also, by the time i can upgrade to wm6.5.3, think can change phone already

  • Mark Spencer

    Hey Dun Cee, you’re absolutely correct. When I am ready to change phone no harm upgrading to my old Samsung Omnia II (I8000) to WM6.5.3 Well that’s me!

  • Back2Nature

    What about Android on Omnia II? Anybody tried it?

  • Dun Cee

    @ Back2nature: I have search many website, but seem that there are many version which is making me confused. The most reliable source (i think), are the one in modaco forum, BUT…. they are still developing and seem like the current version is not yet stable. So….. by the time they have developed, it’s time to change handset. lol

    @ Mark Spencer: Tks for the support. Currently, i am already toying with the stupid phone. Deleting those files that belongs to the unwanted default programs and installing new programs to clear the “tiny” RAm space.
    Btw, i just installed the Opera Mini browser, it seems to work faster than Opera 10. U guys might want to try it out.

  • Saiid83

    Moi j’ai deja essayer de le mettre a jour sous winMo 6.5.3 mais je n’y arrive pas, quellqu’un peux me dire si il est desponible la mise a jour du Windows mobile 6.5.3 ..? Merci