Samsung Galaxy A (SHW-M100S) Android phone now available in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy A (SHW-M100S)


UPDATE: It seems Samsung made a change in the processor front too. According to this, the Galaxy A has a 720MHz CPU instead of the previously confirmed 800MHz.

Samsung’s first Android device for its home market is now on sale. The phone which we knew as SHW-M100S will be sold on SKT as Galaxy A. Galaxy A understandably bears the same specs as M100S but there are few differences like the new pictures show ‘Android’ writen just above the screen and the call/end buttons seem to have disappeared. Other interesting thing is the integration of a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED PLUS screen that claims to have more touch sensitivity and improved visibility and clarity as compared to conventional AMOLED ones.

Rest of the features include 800MHz CPU, 5MP camera, 8GB internal memory, video calling, T-DMB, Bluetooth 2.1, DivX support, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm headphone jack and 1500mAh battery.

The phone will support all Google services, including access to Android Market. It will also support SKT’s T Store.