Samsung Intercept (SPH-M910) pictures leaked

Samsung Intercept SPH-M910


Few pictures of Samsung’s SPH-M910 device has been leaked. It will head to Sprint and is said to take over Moment (SPH-M900). Known as Intercept, the phone features Android 2.1 OS (high probability of getting Android 2.2), a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth 2.1, a four-row QWERTY keyboard and quick access to social networking sites.

Since it will be an upgrade, we can expect Wi-Fi, GPS, an upgraded camera and a microSD card slot too.

The rumored release date of Intercept is July 11.

Samsung Intercept SPH-M910

[Thanks, Mark!]

  • echoblown

    Finally, leaked pictures with only 12 days to go. Why do they hide this stuff from us? Is Sprint trying to keep Evo in the spotlight? For those of us shopping around, be nice to know a month in advance what is coming out and looking like.

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  • kevin

    check the sprint samsung intercept specs and features here below

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  • Nate the Great

    Yeah they really shouldnt hide stuff like this..
    My upgrade is today and I almost went out and bought the Samsung Moment. I would have felt sooo dumb buyin a moment when the Intercept/ (moment 2) is coming out 11 days later. dang! lol

  • sandeep

    samsung mobile phone is cool

  • echoblown

    Nate the Great, no doubt! At least have the Sprint reps know that there’s something in the pipeline, even if all they know is that the Moment is being upgraded. Not only is Intercept being released, but Samsung Epic (4G), and Samsung Wave (3G, unlocked, ~$400). No dates on either Epic or Wave.

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  • syabac

    very interesting..

  • zoe

    Have u seen the rumor touch?!?!?!?!?!?!?! thts the fone i have!!!

  • Rupak

    it is nice…….but can i know how much it cost in india after realising (probable)………..thank you

    • kunal

      Rupak: Intercept is meant only for the US Market.