Samsung Wave tops 1m sales globally, Galaxy S 300,000 in SK

Galaxy S


Samsung’s first bada phone has reached an iconic milestone. Over 1m units of Wave have been sold globally and all this was achieved in just under 4 weeks.

Meanwhile, we’ve been monitoring Galaxy S sales in South Korea and today SK Telecom announced that they’ve surpassed the 300,000 unit figure mark. This makes Galaxy S the hottest selling phone in South Korea right now that has managed to achieve the milestone in just 19 days.

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  • Dhowayan

    I have been a user for Samsung for quite a while.. initially their products impress me and i buy them fully convinced i made the right choice. After Extensive usage, i find great deal of shortcomings not because the device cant handle it, its because Samsung refused to listen to its customers and update the device Firmware regularly. A great example is the Samsung Jet. While the device is capable hardware-wise, the OS that runs the HW has fully made use of that hardware. Additionally, some of the packaged applications and utility were more like burden than a help; the Text Reader for example!!! why cant the Text auto-wrap on the screen rather than i have to zoom-in/zoom-out to fit it in!!!!

    any ways, im not here to discuss the Jet because once Major issues in the wave are fixed i will buy it..

    im really glad that Samsung has decided to drive its own hardware rather than being driven by other Operating systems.. Bada promises a great deal of elevation to the rest of the Samsung lineup… Im really glad Samsung has taken this step .. because its really sad to see well made devices slowed down by other operating systems (Java is my perfect example)

    so what are the major (hardware issues with the wave) and i hope Samsung Dev Teams are looking into this… :
    1. internal Storage is too low (2GB)
    2. micro SD card is not easily accessible (under the battary)

    others who have owned the Wave can add to this list of hardware disappointment list..

    but the Wave is a device i’ll buy.. and Bada is an OS i admire…

    thanks Samsung for this Device.. finally.. you are driving in the right Direction when it comes to mobile Industry.. forget about Quantity of Phones you make.. just make fewer and better :) “Quality not Quantity”

  • Linby

    I love the phone. I would have opted for the Galaxy S if it had been available when i purchased the Wave but I’m still convinced that the Wave has huge potential running the same hardware as the iPad and iphone4.

    Biggest letdown is no voice dialling. I commute on a motorbike and use a Scala Q2 bluetooth headset which would allow voice dialling if the phone accepted it which according to most hardware specs it appears to.

    I’m also curious to know if anyone’s managed to get mp3′s streaming over the supposed new bluetooth standard?

    My provider in the UK Orange, also it would appear has neutered the A-GPS feature native to the Wave in favour of its own Java based maps which are slow, and lacking in vocal volume… So it would seem orange users wont see the benefit of the new Samsung/Skyhook merger which will allow faster GPS updates allegedly.

    The OLED display though is a winner on every level, the movie codec library with divx and MKV support is legendary and the camera is fully furnished!

    Needs a firmware update and an android option.

  • Dhowayan

    I believe Voice Dialling could be resolved via software .. maybe a smart developer can write an application that does so..

    linby: it plays MKV????

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  • Jan Braat

    the wave is a great phone but i think samsung has a huge problem for the apps certification and the devs are getting frustrated. also the policy tonot alow voip is ridiculous i mean the wave ia supporssed to be an smart phone people is demanding skype all over the net and samsung remains silent ive heard people people is actually selling their wave just because there is no voip support im thinking on doing the same 3 of my friends (and my wife) already did

  • Dhowayan Aldhowayan

    Jan Braat,
    from my understanding, VoIP is not favoured by Samsung as it harms the Telcom. Companies which have huge partnerships with Samsung i believe. Imagine the amount of losses from user not using the 3G calling (video calling) and resort to using applications like skype???

    Its politics and Samsung is looking for the bigger profit for sure..
    As much as I hate this approach but business is such a dirty world..

    my 2cents!