Samsung mocks Antennagate with Galaxy S ad



Well, Samsung UK simply couldn’t pass the opportunity to make fun of the recent Antennagate issue. Check out this Galaxy S ad that is published in the Metro today.


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  • dejunky

    LOL I love it!

    Apple seems to be getting more and more anal about EVERYTHING they do, I have been an avid Apple user and engineer, but now just getting fed up with the way they conduct themselves.

    Right now I’m in favour of any ‘Apple bashing’

    Yeah I know childish huh ;-)

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  • Henriok

    This is really silly. I haven’t met a cell phone that didn’t have a reception problem while holding it “wrong”, and I’ve been using cell phones for 15 years. And “wrong” I mean “the way you hold a cell phone”. Apple is actually the only cell phone manufacturer that openly has said that there is a problem, but this is really affecting everyone else. And this is obvious since there are a lot of stickers on handsets pointing out where the antenna is, and hole sections in the manual discussing issues of holding it wrong.

    I want to point out page 107 in the Galaxy S manual, under the section “Audio quality is poor”.
    “If the audio quality of your call is poor, try the following:
    ? Ensure that you are not blocking the phone’s internal antenna.
    ? When you are in areas with weak signals or poor reception, you may lose your connection to the network. Move to another area and try again.”

    You can get it here:

    So, WTF Samsung? Who is pulling a fast one on this time? Really classy.

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  • Mac Hoe

    Hahaha, at-least they remain silent.

    IMO, It’s the perfect time for Apple to post video of the Galaxy S having the Death Grip issue as well on its Antenna Page.

  • John Sels

    @Henriok: The difference is Samsung are sensible enough to put the internal antenna in a place where you don’t naturally hold the phone. Sure, you can block the signal on the Samsung but you don’t do it by accident, you actually have to be intentionally trying to (by holding the phone in a weird position). Apple on the other hand put it right where people naturally hold the phone.

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  • Michael

    Oh god, millions of experts with 15+ years of experience…

    I also had my first mobile phone 15 years ago, but with a different technology base. Actual phones (Nokia, Sony etc.) do not show reception problems in “standard” quality networks in europe – however you hold them…
    …but maybe these vendors are still using a wrong formula for displaying the signal level ;-)

  • Henriok

    John Sels: You don’t do it by accident? Well, this YouTube beg to differ: dropping all four bars by just laying it your hand, and 30 dBm by holding it. The antenna is right there at the bottom, shielded by your palm if you hold it in a perfectly natural way. I think it’s pretty obvious that there would be dropped calls if he wasn’t testing it in a location where the reception wasn’t great to begin with.

    Michael: Been personally using Nokia and SE telephones in Scandinavia for the past 15 years, been using an iPhone 3GS for the last year. I support about a hundred users with a variety of phones from different vendors and have had the privilege to use out several operators too. And I stand by my previous statement: All cellphones are having these problems, even if you hold it naturally.

  • Jetvin Kalviskavalati


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  • Henriok

    Jetvin: Haha, when the arguments doesn’t add up, attack the messenger. Classical!
    If you keep your eyes shut, patting your ears with your hands babbling you might be able to ignore the real world for a bit longer. Keep it up! Hilarious.

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  • carlos

    Apple are like shit…they do the same with Windows in the past, with advertisers trying to say windows is bad etc, comparing both of them with little videos..and now they are doing the same with other mobile Makers !! no other companys started this kind of things before, but Apple like to do it..why ?? hey Steve we already know you are like a dictator ,and we already know about Apple kind of Marketing , but know you must know people are laughing about you..stop to be a child , be a man , heyy steve you must keep focused in your procucts..leave the other alone

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  • John Sels

    @Henriok: Have you actually tried the Samsung Galaxy yourself… or just watched people on youtube intentionally gripping it in the exact position where they know the signal drops?

    As somebody who now owns the Samsung Galaxy (after returning the iPhone 4G because I got fed up with it dropping my calls depending on the area I was in), I disagree. I can grip the Galaxy in any natural way and never see the bars drop. The only way I can cause it is covering the whole back of the phone which obviously isn’t natural.

    I’ve owned an iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS without any problems and I was looking forward to the iPhone 4G but luckily I’m not an blind fanboy so I took it back and got a working phone.

  • Bill


    Did you actually own an iphone 4? if not yet, go buy one. and i believe you don’t require the case since you can hold the phone correctly.

    You might want to youtube that too. :-)

  • GV2811

    @Henriok : I’m using cellphones for 10 years, had over 50 phones, never has holding any phone in any way ever led to a signal loss. It all has to do with the signal strength of the masts that send the signal to the phone and the mast placement per sq km. For example in my country, we have 30 masts per sq km. While in the use it’s not even 12. Hence why I don’t lose a signal at any point (not at home, not in the train nor in the subway).

    It’s normal that you have these problems in huge countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China & USA. All other countries should be fine and won’t even have the problems with signal loss, unless your operator uses improper technology or lack of infrastructure.

  • Sanjay Deshmukh

    Samsung gallaxy S is very spicy. but its very costly. NOKIA X6 3G mobile 5mp camera, 16GB internal memory. this price 14900 indian rupee only in middle range.

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  • Your Mate Alex

    What’s that Samsung? You were breaking up….
    (here’s a video i made this morning)

  • joey

    right on SAMSUNG !!! im proud of you for standing up to apple, not like those other companies ( nokia, htc, motorola, etc… ) who are too scare to stand up to apple. i will support SAMSUNG for ever or untill Apple is destroyed. GO SAMSUNG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robbie

    There are some VERY VERY SAD People on here aren’t there? Blah Blah Blah…. Expert on All things re Phones but Masters of None…..You Very Sad People – go and get a life and stop writing on silly Message Boards trying to justify your Social Inadequacies…..Bye… Robster