More YP-MB2 (Galaxy S PMP) pictures

Samsung YP-MB2


Ready for more YP-MB2 aka Galaxy S PMP pictures? Although a bit blurry, these photos reconfirm that YP-MB2 is out in many hands in South Korea and supposedly, the launch is nigh.

YP-MB2 is similar to Galaxy S but without the cellular connectivity and a downgraded camera. YP-MB2 will run Android OS and feature a 1GHz CPU, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3MP camera and more.


[Thanks, Jeongyoon!]

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  • [TAYLOR]Fenigurs

    Come on, I was waiting for Galaxy player

  • david

    thanx for the pics.

  • John

    Is this real or is it only a rumor? Is it being sold at least in Korea? Any idea on when it is going to be released? 2013?

  • http:/// Kevin.

    doesn’t sell even mb2 Korea

    i’m korea people , i was waiting a mb2 but i am tired now..

    so buy a ipod touch 4

    mb2 maybe drop or maybe next year..

    this year maybe sell g50

    but g50 i don’t like it.

    i hate g50.

    • kunal

      @Kevin: If I’m not wrong MB2 is probably delayed due to AMOLED shortage.

  • Kevin.

    i know the problem.

    so next year
    factory will produce more amoled.
    but, maybe next year have a lot of many good player.
    i don’t grammar well..

  • ND Gadgets

    very nice, thank you