Samsung rolls out premium accessories to complement Galaxy S



Samsung has announced new accessories that will complement its high-end Galaxy S portfolio. The accessories include a desktop dock, vehicle dock, backup battery charger and more.

The desktop cradle docks Galaxy S and allows users to watch movies, listen to music, make calls directly from the desk. With the help of a Desk Home Application (downloadable from Android market) users will be able adjust brightness level from day to night, gain instant access to alarm, Daily Briefing etc. The accessory also has a built-in micro USB port that doubles up as a charger. The cradle will sell for $39.99.

The vehicle dock expectedly, allows users to mount their Galaxy S to navigate their way with GPS. The dock can be mounted to car windshield or dashboard and supports landscape and portrait modes. Just like the desktop dock, this one also comes with a micro USB port that allows charging of the device.

Next is a backup battery charger that comes with an extra 1500mAh battery, a wall charger and phone stand. The charger is said to be pocketable and will cost $50.

Samsung has also got many more accessories like premium leather cases, screen protectors, 3.5mm TV-out and even micro USB to HDMI cables.

UPDATE: Also check out WMG160 wireless streaming device.

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  • Nick

    I wonder if they’d work with different phones such as the spica

  • i9000 Galaxy User

    In Canada where does one get these or any
    accessories ?

  • powder

    why not having an audio out on the vehicle dock…would be nice to use the galaxy as an mp3 player too.

  • loothor

    No audio out on the car cradle is a big bummer, now I have to wait for a better solution before I get whatever Android phone I end up buying. Why is it that the iPhone the only phone that can get this aspect of mobile phone car integration right?

  • FrankP

    Audio out cable? Get a car deck that supports audio streaming.

  • Hugh Keachie

    Where in the UK can I buiy the new vehicle deck in this ad?
    thanks everyone.

  • Don

    Wireless Media Stick by HSTI
    I came accross the Wireless Media Stick and got one as an accessory to my Galaxy S. Now I take my laptop and share files and folders anywhere.
    I managed to stream a whole HD movie through the phone from my laptop to my non DLNA LG TV.
    Amazing! highly recomend the combination.

  • Andrew S.

    The Home cradle looks fine but it is a tease: not exist, not work.
    Especially not in Australia. Tell me I’m wrong please!

  • Andy J

    The Vehicle Dock Kit is poorly thought out.

    The connector masks the audio socket and provides a non-working audio socket that is supposed to take audio output from the USB connection.

    Unfortunately there seems to be no way to set audio to output via USB.

    The user manual states that audio can be output if running Samsung Car Home application, but this app is not available in Australia.