Samsung Galaxy Tab’s model numbers for different operators

Galaxy Tab


UPDATE 2: Added model number for T-Mobile.

UPDATE: Added Galaxy Tab’s model number for Japan.

Just like Galaxy S, Samsung is preparing different variants for different operators. While the international version will be GT-P1000, the different model numbers are as follows:

Verizon: SCH-I800
Sprint: SPH-P100
AT&T: SGH-I987
NTT DoCoMo: SC-01C
T-Mobile: SGH-t849

Apparently, AT&T’s version won’t feature Readers Hub but will come pre-loaded with Barnes & Noble Nook app.

[Thanks, Mike!]

  • TSAR3000

    But we need to see if the firmware will be the same for all or we have to get many for each one

  • chocoberry

    It’s being Samsung again: every major carrier in the U.S. except for T-Mo. Have you got any info about T-Mobile launching?

    • kunal

      Nope. But since all major carriers are getting it, T-Mobile won’t be left out.