Galaxy Tab Price

Galaxy Tab


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is about to hit many markets soon and we’ve tabulated the price list of the Tab available in different countries along with some other details.

PS: Do let us know in the comments if you find other pricing details or any discrepancy in the data.

  • nnuuttz

    Galaxy Tab price in Thailand is 22,900 baht (around 767$), and the own operator is AIS. It’ll release to Thai customer who already preorder at 29-30 October 2010.

    • kunal

      @nnuuttz: Thanks, have updated the document

  • nnuuttz

    If you want to find a lot of information please visit

    So this is confirm news of the Galaxy Tab in Thailand not rumor :)

  • mereko

    germany: o2, available 759 eur, or 99 eur plus monthly 27,50 eur on a 2 year contract.

  • Peter

    When will the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 be available in Thailand.