Galaxy Tab’s Gorilla Glass tested with a CO2 powered Pistol



We obviously wouldn’t recommend to try this with your Galaxy Tab (or any other gadget) but in case you were wondering about Gorilla Glass’ strength, take a look at the video below. A user took his CO2 powered gun and shot the tablet within the point-blank range. Surprisingly, Galaxy Tab survived with just a few bullet marks on the display.

To give a better perspective, the user also attempted a similar stunt with a glass which succumbed to death in the first shot.

[Via, Thanks Vince!]

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  • mike

    This is not an accurate portrayal of gorilla glass on the Galaxy Tab. It is very misleading for the unscrupulous.

    1. if you look at the Galaxy tab, there are 3 or 4 ‘bubbles’ in his screen protector.

    2. If you listen around 50 seconds into the clip, when he’s messing w/ the tab, he says “nothing special on the front, just a simple film”.. then he flips it over..

    I have no doubt that the gorilla glass screens are awesome, but he’s not doing an accurate portrayal by having a screen protector on it IMO.

  • Scott

    How often are people going to be shooting their Galaxy Tab’s with guns?