Bada 1.2 update confirmed for Wave, will reach Europe first



Here’s some good news for original Wave (S8500) users. Samsung bada’s official twitter account has confirmed that they’ll release the bada 1.2 update for Wave and Europeans using unlocked units will be the first ones to receive it in early next year.

As for rest of the world, Samsung plans to release the update in first quarter depending on the country and the operator.

In addition to the bug fixes and improved security, bada 1.2 update will also add the T9 Trace keyboard that works like Swype.

  • AMora

    Only for Wave?
    not for Wave 525, 533, 575, 723 ???

  • Palo

    which update on bada 1.2? only t9 trace? not flash 10?

  • Anil

    Yes! What about wave 525 and others? Can someone from Samsung answer it.

  • Kalabok

    Samsung is messing with our heads.
    I am sick of them playing these tricks with us.

    Rumors, Rumors and more Rumors on tweeter.

    “early next year” – what a joke
    keeping their customers in the fog like this will eventually backfire on them.

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  • the_mind

    when the samsung is going to release bada 1.2 update.i think the samsung is not providing any update or information on bada 1.2.why is it so…..!

  • the_mind

    what are the features if bada?.1.1?