Kies 2 moves out of beta



Kies 2 that was in beta a couple of weeks back has moved out of the beta state and is now available up for download. The 97MB Kies v2 is available on Samsung support pages and since its a sea change from the previous Kies, Samsung is also offering helpful tutorial videos to get acquainted with the new software.

Samsung Kies 2

Download Page

[Thanks, Rajesh!]

  • AMora

    It fully supports bada 1.2

  • erik

    it looks like the AGENDA has been removed?

  • Reetika

    Great, they actually managed to stop sucking for one minute, and launched a 2.0 version. I’ve been staring at an ‘Evaluating launch conditions’ screen in the installer for an hour now, with no hope. WTF do I have to do to update my Galaxy firmware, because Kies is NOT going to cut it.

  • saif

    uninstall any other mobile program in your computer then kies will work.

  • blicky

    yes!! worked for me, it took me from jp5 to jp6 phone is now fast again its like lightning big up Samsung my faith has now been restored

  • Nafees

    Kies donen’t work on my laptop (window 7) gives Unable to connect. Can’t retrive the device information.
    Will any one of u plz help me ?
    Thanks dost

  • Jatin Bajaj

    It fully supports bada 1.2
    and ave s-5333

  • Ankush Sharma

    i am not able to access samsung apps using asks for update and when i try to update it, it saya\s product is already is up to date…What should I do in order to use samsung apps…
    pl help me…

  • Aseem1992

    kaies 2.0 not works on xp sp 3 what can i do help me