Another picture of Samsung Forte

Samsung Forte


We’ve got yet another picture of Samsung Forte. This time however, the phone is closed and shows the back side of the phone as well. We’re still not sure if Forte and R910 are the same device but the Forte is reported to run Android 2.2 and feature 1GHz Hummingbird processor, TouchWiz UI, 5MP camera and microSD card slot.

The phone is rumored to launch on February 11.

  • mad1982

    look nice

  • john

    no camera flash -_-

  • Business Energy

    Yep no camera flash is an error. How will people get by with using it as an emergency torch!

  • lolz

    If you guys look to the left ofthe camera there’s two led lights for flash

  • youfool

    @ lolz
    How do you confuse the phone’s speaker with TWO LED lights?