Samsung Forte is QWERTY-equipped LTE Android phone for MetroPCS



Samsung is apparently preparing another LTE-enabled device for MetroPCS. The phone will be called as Forte and as you can see from the image, sports a horizontal-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Additionally, the phone is expected to come on Android 2.2 (with possible Android 2.3 upgrade), 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5MP camera, TouchWiz UI and microSD card slot.

Forte looks very similar to R910 that leaked yesterday but the original poster claims that MetroPCS is working on two LTE devices, so Forte could be different than R910.

[Thanks, Marcus!]

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    What a mobile has come to the market. It’s awesome.

  • Testament

    I’m not a big fan of Samsung out side of the spec sheet, but this phone will sell like hot cakes. I know a ton of people on metro who want a phone like mines(G2), but won’t pay over 50 dollars a month. Oh yeah “Do NOT count on samsung to update this device” If it have a software issue. You’ll have to learn how to live with it.

  • Smooth01

    Hi metropcs peeps! This phone is awsome nd I’m excited 2 purchase it next month wen it comes out. It will hav an up grade from the 2.2 to the 2.3 plus I was sold with the slide out keyboard,I do hope metropcs will bring out other phones on the 4g android system with the slide out keyboard. Most people do not like the on screen key board.
    Ps I hope will get an htc phone down the road or google phone,playstation new phone dat is sheir beauty or even a phone that can do face time. Metropcs customers r willing 2 spend good money on thooes type of phones.