Samsung details bada OS 2.0 at MWC

bada 2.0 OS


As expected, Samsung has shown off the next major update of bada OS to developers at Mobile World Congress. Going forward in 2011 we can expect Samsung to launch devices with bada 2.0 and bring in some interesting features.

Some new features in bada 2.0 are multitasking, push notification messages, NFC support, Wi-Fi Direct, FlashLite 4 support, Flash-based interactive lock screen, text-to-speech and speech-to-text, HTML5 and more.

You can download the slides of today’s presentation from the link below.

Bada 2.0 [PDF]

  • Samsung Wave Themes

    Really hope Samsung will port Bada 2.0 to older devices.

  • AMora

    we hope new bada could supports VoIP and VPN
    bada 2.0 is in alpha stage, complete version for Q2 2011

  • sameh

    I have a Samsung S-wave 10 months since 8500 has been issued an update for the operating system, although it lacks many of the modifications, improvements and advantages enjoyed by the operating system Android,
    I now want to update for Bada 2, and I want to know when the update of the Middle East and North Africa in order to decide you keep it or sell it and buy Android phone, and the publication of details of the Bada Barcelona in exhibition has already been published since the past months do not

  • yasser

    we are in middle east waiting for upgrading our wave s8500 to bada 1.2
    - and samsung now talking about bada 2.0

  • yasser

    we are in middle east waiting samsung to release bada 1.2 for our wave s8500 .
    - and they are now talking about bada 2.0

  • Ankit

    will samsung introduce bada 2.0 in samsung wave II?

  • Swap

    Samsung has ignored a huge market- India…still waiting for 1.2…n 2.0 is announced for Europe… if my Wave (s8500) is ignored for update..i will surely not buy any samsung phone henceforth..i love my WAVE…but Samsung should pull up it’s socks with the rollout of updates

  • Mr Mac

    im waiting for new update

  • mahesh

    can i update5253. os1.1. to. 1.2 or 2.0. plz. tel me

  • Robbin265

    Well, Hope this new version is available for everyone using BADA OS. But Samsung should also be taking feedback from the users about what they need. Hope it would support SIP, VOIP service and softphones, which i heard is banned on samsung so far.

    Take Care,

  • samsung

    samsung should support BADA os 2 for wave s8500, u cant ignore your old device having very good hardware capability to support this OS bada2, then why you skip? also lake of sip support in BADA os…

  • samking21

    i need sell my wave s8500 to buy android phone

    im live in cairo egypt start price 1900 L.E