Android 2.2 update for Epic 4G available from today


UPDATE: Can’t wait for the OTA? Download the full firmware from Epic 4G’s support page. Click here.

Samsung has confirmed that Epic 4G users will start receiving an Android update from today. The EB13 will upgrade Epic 4G to much needed Android 2.2 Froyo and bring in other features like ability to install apps on external storage, Flash Player 10.1, Bluetooth voice dialing, GPS improvements and more.

The update will be delivered over-the-air (OTA) and will be released to all users by Feb 25.



  • Oscar Rodriguez

    Nice i hope my samsung galaxy s i9000t receive froyo. Samsung is really slow to update the firmware.

  • julian ford jr

    this is becoming a really sad song with samsung… i will never buy ANYTHING!!! samsung ever again you treat your consumers like garbage. i dont think you even have a clue how bad this is gonna stain the image of this company… remember this post when you see how poorly sales are in the years to come!!! i hope this entire company bankrupts and Mr. Samsuck can choke and die!! you take my hard earned money in this economy and give me junk? i hope everyone involved with samsung meets the misfortune i have buying this phone