Samsung wants Symbian devs to develop for bada

UPDATE: Samsung contacted us with the following statement.

We are delighted with the success of the original bada platform, which was launched at MWC last year. We have looked to build on this with bada 2.0 by creating a versatile and robust platform capable of continuing the success of its predecessor. We have also created and strengthened an eco-system around bada, ensuring developers are able to create the apps our customers need and want.

Meanwhile, another Samsung spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that this newsletter was sent by an event organiser. Full quote to Reuters is below.

“There have been no orders from our Mobile Solution Center to initiate strategic hiring from Nokia, and the newsletter was simply sent by our event organiser in India to a group of engineers who showed up at our bada developers’ conference there earlier this month.

  • Quads

    This is good news for Samsung.

  • Manish Shah

    Good move by Samsung

  • Jayesh Chandna

    Bada is the future for Samsung. Needs more apps but.

  • David D

    I am a Bada dev. Need more support frm Samsung. IF samsung sells more bada devices, the developer earns more. at this stage they are not selling much.

  • wjvelasquez

    Good for this people. Samsung need the android’s developers. Android SDK and Samsung’s SDK are based in Eclipse. Is not a hard work translate from Android to BADA. And take less than Google in % of sales from this Developers. Google take 36% of each sale.

  • pat

    Using Eclipse for the IDE doesn’t say anything about how hard or easy it is to port between platforms. Android SDK is Java. Porting to BADA’s C/C++ SDK from Android’s Java SDK means a complete rewrite.

    OTOH, Nokia’s Symbian and MeeGo both have C/C++ SDKs like Bada, and both MeeGo and Bada are Linux under-the-hood. Bada already supports many standard C/C++ APIs that Symbian and MeeGo also have like OpenGL-ES. That makes porting from Symbian to Bada easier, and from MeeGo to Bada much easier. (Same for RIM’s upcoming QNX-based OS)