Galaxy S II gets KE7 firmware update



Samsung has released yet another update for its Galaxy S II phone. The KE7 build is the third update for Galaxy S II and is said to be available in some European countries. There is no official changelog but some of the things reported by users are improvement in battery life, more free RAM on start-up and improved camera support.

The update is available via Kies.


  • Mike

    Galaxy S 2 i9100 KE7 update ? Better battery life ? No way Worse.
    And while i’m at it where is the spare battery and desktop stand/charger that was shown at the Korrean launch on a video ?

  • Mobiles in pakistan

    May be it improve little bit but not really matter because its battery time is very low.

  • lahniz

    i have really good battery life on my sgs2. with some browsing and emailing battery lasts easily two days.