Samsung Kies for Mac beta arrives


Samsung has released a Mac version of Kies management software that is used for its phones. The software is in beta so don’t expect it to be all hunky-dory. The number of devices supported also seems to be limited for now, which includes Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab.

Do let us know how it goes for you and if it worked with your connected device or not.

Direct Download Link

  • szlaeyer

    I installed the beta and it works OK, but it doesn’t come with firmware related functionalities, so I still can’t update my Galaxy S through it. Nevertheless, it’s step forward and I hope it won’t take aeons for Samsung to release a final version.

  • Dastardley

    I ran Kies but it never detects my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have tried with USB developer mode on/off.

  • Karan Mohta

    Downloaded and installed Kies Beta for Mac successfully. Seems to work fine for my Galaxy Tab P-1000, however dont expect to be able to update firmware, as “firmware related features will be available in the official version of Samsung Kies for Mac.” Hopefully the official version will be available soon and I will FINALLY get to upgrade my Galaxy Tab to Gingerbread…

  • William O. B’Livion

    And of course it doesn’t even notice the existence of a Galaxy 5.


  • NL

    Manage to install, however, it doesn’t recognize my device (galaxy tab P1000).

  • NL

    I just success in connecting my device ( Galaxy Tab 7-inch P-1000) to kies in mac. My device running on Go Launcher, so I just clear default to running on Samsung Home. Close all running apps (I restart once since I have it running for ages without turn it off.)

    I set USB debugging off. Once I connect device to computer, it asks three choice, I choose “Samsung Kies”

    First time it shows error saying that not finding device and ask me to restart. What I did is reseat usb cable one more time. It successfully connect to my mac now.

  • Samantha

    Don’t Work!

    • Espartaco Rd

      It´s not working anymore, What happend?

  • Tokiks

    Can’t download. Page not found. (Error Code:404)

  • Jesper

    same for me,Can’t download. Page not found. (Error Code:404)