Bada 2.0 update for existing Wave devices coming in 2012

bada 2.0


Looks like the bada 2.0 update will be available in next year, at least to bada users in Turkey. According to a post by Samsung Turkey on its Facebook page, the new bada OS will be available to Turkey Wave I, Wave II, Wave 723, Wave 578 and Wave 575 users in 2012, which is kind of vague.

The original release date for bada 2.0 was by end of this year but the chances look slim considering we’re just 12 days away from the New Year.

Let’s hope the wait is worthwhile.

Thanks, Tahir!

  • Eduardo Espino

    men I am waiting bada 2.0 since months, I am really disappointed with Samsungs update times.

  • Anonymous

    i feel forced to go and buy the wave 3.. or maybe im not :s confusing..

  • Anonymous

    What the hell? Why can’t they just release the goddamn thing? I refrain myself from releasing my anger for fear of being banned from Disqus.

  • Zapata Zuparta

    It is enough, samsung doesn’t care about bada anymore. This news shows us Wave 3 is not selling good. Anytime in the future Samsung will dump Bada to trash. They are busy with mee-gooooooo, just search the net and see yourself…

  • Tty78998

    Why should we bother with Samsung after all they are not bothered about customer support, bye bye Samsung

  • Selim Akdag

    en kısa zamanda bekliyoruz bada 2.01 ii wave 3 ü inceledim çok başarılı bir işletim sistemi android den bile başarılı sadece uygulama olarak kısıtlı herhalde 3 yıla kadar windows phone ve symbian ıı ezip geçicek ve android bada ve ios olucak gibi :))

  • 笑凯靳