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Report: Samsung yet to figure out why their Galaxy Note7 is exploding thumbnail

When a phone catches fire, more often than not, battery is the culprit. Samsung confirmed the same when they announced the first recall of the Galaxy Note7. However, when even the safe Galaxy Note7 started catching fire, Samsung was as clueless as an average consumer, reports NY Times. The report cites a source aware of [...]

Samsung creates a 14nm FinFET Application Processor for Wearables thumbnail

Samsung has announced that they have developed a new application processor (AP) targeted at wearable devices. The specialty of the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 AP is that it is the first wearable-specific AP to utilise 14nm FinFET process technology. This is the same tech that Samsung uses for some of its Exynos processors meant for [...]

Samsung halts sales, asks customers to stop using the Galaxy Note7 thumbnail

UPDATE: Samsung has confirmed in a regulatory filing that they've stopped sales of the device permanently. Via Yesterday, a source claimed Samsung to stop sales of Galaxy Note7 in wake of the device catching fire and now the Korean company has come out and officially confirmed it. Samsung has issued a statement saying that they're [...]

Samsung ArtPC Pulse gets listed on Amazon, starts from $1,200 thumbnail

We told about Samsung announcing a new desktop PC range last week and while Samsung is yet to make an announcement, Amazon has gone ahead and spilled all the details about the new ArtPC Pulse range. ArtPC Pulse's claim to fame is full desktop performance in a compact circular chassis which measures 5.5x5.5x12.2 inches. The [...]

Samsung temporarily halts Galaxy Note7 production thumbnail

Samsung has temporarily stopped production of its current flagship device - Galaxy Note7. The report comes from Korean news agency, Yonhap News who's citing a source claiming the recent reports of safe marked Galaxy Note7 catching fire. Samsung has purportedly stopped production in its Vietnam factory that is said to be responsible for global shipments [...]

Samsung releases Earnings Guidance for Q3 2016 [Update] thumbnail

UPDATE: Samsung has now revised its guidance following the premature end of Galaxy Note7. Samsung says its operating profit is estimated to be around 5.2 trillion won. Samsung has announced the earnings guidance for the recently concluded quarter. According to their estimated figures based on K-IFRS, Samsung expects the consolidated sales for Q3 2016 at [...]

Acquisition of Viv will help Samsung to build Artificial Intelligence ecosystem thumbnail

Samsung has announced its acquisition of Viv Labs that offers an open artificial intelligence (AI) platform to companies to build "conversational assistants and integrate a natural language-based interface into renowned applications and services". Samsung has not revealed the details of the transaction but says they're committed to virtual personal assistants and the acquisition will help [...]

Safe Galaxy Note7 emits smoke in an airplane thumbnail

Samsung has faced some criticism on how they handled the Galaxy Note7 recall but it seems the Galaxy Note7 woes don't seem to end. The Verge reports a Southwest Airlines flight Baltimore was evacuated while the plane was still at the gate. The reason behind the evacuation was the smoke emanating from a Galaxy Note7 [...]

Samsung to unveil ‘Art PC PULSE’ on October 10 thumbnail

UPDATE: The Art PC Pulse is now on pre-order on Amazon. Click here to read. Samsung has uploaded a video teaser on YouTube for Samsung Art PC PULSE that will be unveiled on October 10. The description of the video says 'A new spin on the desktop experience is coming your way. Stay tuned for [...]

You can use Galaxy Note7 in Indian flights if bought after September 15 thumbnail

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India has confirmed that Galaxy Note7 is now safe to use in airplanes. This condition however, applies only to newer devices that are manufactured and purchased after September 15. The 'safe' Galaxy Note7 will be denoted by a green coloured battery indicator in the notification panel. This [...]