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Samsung will build a school in Africa if you walk thumbnail

Samsung conducts a lot of CSR activities for Africa but this time they want everyone to contribute by installing the 'What If I Can' app. The app is basically a pedometer app that counts number of steps and for 800 million new steps every user takes, Samsung will create a solar-powered school (SPIS) in Africa. [...]

Galaxy S6 edge for NTT Docomo

In a somewhat surprising move, Samsung has given up its own 'Samsung' logo on phones that will sell in Japan. Although the change is evident on the website with Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy Note Edge not bearing the Samsung name, the actual move will happen with the sale of Galaxy S6 family [...]

Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 edge may not have earned enough points in SquareTrade's books but the company released the latest breakability scores and were highly impressed with the Galaxy S6. The phone was subjected to a series of tests like bend, underwater, drop and slide tests and passed them with flying colours. On a scale of [...]

Report: Samsung has a dedicated workforce for Apple display panels thumbnail

Given the slowdown of smartphone sales for Samsung Electronics, it's evident how important the display and semiconductor division have become for the electronics giant. A new report by Bloomberg claims, Samsung Display has created a team of 200 employees that caters only to Apple for their display needs. The team is responsible for supplying display [...]

Samsung brings M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD for PCs thumbnail

Samsung has started mass production of industry’s first M.2-based NVMe PCIe solid state drive (SSD). Apt for ultra-slim notebook PCs and workstations, the new SM951-NVMe boasts improved performance with low power consumption. The SM951 SSD with the help of Samsung's own controller boasts a sequential data read and write performance up to 2,260MB/s and 1,600MB/s, [...]

Report: Samsung working on Galaxy A8 thumbnail

Samsung is looking to expand the Galaxy A series and according to a new report, Samsung is working on Galaxy A8. The Galaxy A8 is identified by the model number SM-A800 and will emphasise on looks, just like the rest of the Galaxy A series. The phone will be just 5.9mm thin, weigh 140 grams [...]

Samsung wants to use Bitcoin’s blockchain tech thumbnail

According to a report by Bloomberg, Samsung is collaborating with IBM to use Bitcoin's technologies in other applications. Samsung America's research division is taking a look at blockchain technology that is used in Bitcoin transactions and is looking to implement in other areas. Currency, it’s just the first use case. You could imagine that anything, [...]

Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung's Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge are going on sale tomorrow and Samsung expects these devices will help the company to come to record profitability. Samsung's devices received favourable reviews from the press and a decent amount of pre-orders from carriers, which is expected to surpass records of previous Galaxy S devices like [...]

Samsung drop tests Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge thumbnail

After detailing the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge bend test, Samsung has posted a new video highlighting the phone's durability with a drop test. The video shows both Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge but are subjected to two different drop tests with the Galaxy S6 hitting the ground on its back while [...]

Galaxy S6

Last week, Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge came under pressure (literally!) when SquareTrade released a video showing how the phone succumbed when a pressure was applied. Adding salt to the wounds was SquareTrade's claim that iPhone 6 Plus was able to withstand more pressure compared to the Galaxy S6 edge. Now to clear the air, Samsung [...]