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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review thumbnail

Samsung has had a difficult 2015. Despite having some good looking and better performing smartphones like the Galaxy S6 family and the Galaxy Note5 series, Samsung had to work hard to capture and maintain the market share (and revenue). Couple of reasons that come to my mind is the stiff competition in the premium segment [...]

Gear Fit2, IconX shows up on Samsung’s website thumbnail

If there were any doubts on the existence of Gear Fit2 or the Gear IconX, Samsung has put that to rest. No, they have not announced it but Samsung's S Health webpage has confirmed the products are real and are coming soon. While Samsung's site does not have any more information apart from an image, [...]

Samsung and Nvidia settle patent dispute thumbnail

The legal battle between Samsung and Nvidia seems to come to an end. Nvidia and Samsung have reached an agreement to settle their patent dispute involving graphics. In a joint statement issued by the companies, both have agreed to license “small number of patents by each company to the other". This, however, does not include [...]

Bedtime stories is another way for Samsung to promote VR thumbnail

It's no secret that Samsung is betting big on Virtual Reality (VR) and another effort to promote the technology is Bedtime VR Stories app. The app is intended for parents narrating bedtime stories to children, however, this time, it's done through technology, making the location of the parent and the child irrelevant. As you can [...]

Galaxy S7 series sales help Samsung’s Q1 2016 earnings thumbnail

Samsung today reported its financial result for the first quarter that ended on March 31, 2016. Samsung recorded a revenue of 49.78 trillion won, which is an increase of 5.7 percent year-on-year (YoY) whereas operating profit stood at 6.68 trillion won, an increase of 12 percent YoY. Samsung says the increase in earnings is a [...]

Leaked images reveal Gear Fit 2 , Gear IconX thumbnail

With Samsung Gear smartwatches getting upgrades every year, we were surprised the same treatment was not extended to its Gear Fit device. Thankfully, Samsung has realised the potential of the device and is following up with Gear Fit 2. Going by the images, the design of the Gear Fit 2 seems to slightly differ than [...]

Gear 360 goes on pre-order in South Korea thumbnail

Samsung's Gear 360 device that was announced at MWC earlier this year has got a release date and price. In South Korea, at least. The device will be up for pre-sale for 399,300 Korean won and will ship to customers before its actual release date of April 29. Customers purchasing during this period will also [...]

Samsung Pay spreads its wings to Singapore thumbnail

Samsung has confirmed that Singapore will join Samsung Pay-supported countries as early as Q2 of this year. According to Samsung, Singapore will be the first market in the region and will join the Samsung Pay ecosystem after South Korea, United States and China. The decision to launch the service comes after Samsung surveyed 400 people [...]

Samsung announces Pink Gold edition of Galaxy S7 duo thumbnail

Samsung has added another hue to its Galaxy S7 lineup. Starting today, the Galaxy S7 & the Galaxy S7 edge will be available in Pink Gold colour in South Korea and will roll out in other selected markets, which Samsung has not revealed yet. Nevertheless, the phones are the same and are targeted to appeal [...]

Samsung unveils Notebook 9 spin 2-in-1 in South Korea thumbnail

Samsung has expanded its notebook lineup in its home market with the all new Notebook 9 spin. This is a 2-in-1 notebook from Samsung that features a 360-degree touchscreen display that can be used as a tablet or a conventional laptop. The device can be used in 4 modes - notebook, tablet, stand and kiosk [...]