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Samsung Ventures invests in Quantum Dot Display company Nanosys thumbnail

Samsung’s venture capital arm Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC) has invested in Nanosys, a California-based company that produces energy-efficient displays with its Quantum Dot technology. Although the investment figure is under wraps, Nanosys confirms the new funds will be used to expand production capacity due to increase in demand. Some of the customers for Nanosys’ [...]

Samsung UHD Video Pack

Despite having a lot of 4K UHD TV options, there's a dearth of quality 4K content, which is why Samsung tries to solve it with their UHD Video Pack solution. To put it simply, the UHD Video Pack is nothing but a 1TB HDD pre-loaded with 4K UHD content. All a user needs is to [...]

Galaxy S6

Samsung has put out some good commercials and videos for its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge like the one showing the phone's durability, engineering expertise or even teasing the new Iron Man special edition phone. However, the new video published on their YouTube channel has to be, simply put, weird. The ad apparently highlights [...]


Samsung introduced the SAMI platform last November and invited developers to take advantage of the data exchange platform. One of the early adopters of SAMI is Body Cap from France, who shows off e-Celsius along with SAMI to monitor core temperature. Once the pill is inside the body, the pill will stream core temperature of [...]

Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition

Samsung had been teasing a limited edition Galaxy S6 edge phone for last two weeks and today they have announced the Iron Man Limited Edition device in association with Marvel. The phone seems to be customised to match Iron Man's suit colour of red and gold and comes with some customisations on the software side [...]

Samsung Washing Machine

In four separate incidents, Samsung's top loading washing machine caught fire in Australia resulting in property damage. According to Sydney Morning Herald report, the fire was due to one of Samsung's washing machines that were recalled in 2013 but weren't repaired for the defect. The six recalled models faced a water leakage problem that resulted [...]

Samsung to release Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition next week thumbnail

Samsung teased the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition smartphone last week and today they took to Facebook to confirm the release of the smartphone. As evident, the phone will be official next week and will bear Iron Man suit's red with golden accents colour combo along with the design of Iron Man's helmet. Rest [...]

Samsung Flow

Samsung announced Flow back in November last year and now you can try it out, provided you reside in US and use one of the supported devices. Samsung Flow is now available in the US Play Store that allows a seamless transition of the app or the activity from one device to another. For instance, [...]

Samsung Galaxy S6 series shipments cross 10 million units thumbnail

Samsung's latest Galaxy S6 family has crossed shipments of 10 million units. The confirmation came from a "high-ranking" Samsung official to Yonhap News and though there's no exact timeline as to when the milestone was achieved. It seems Samsung took over a month to achieve the figure for two devices - Galaxy S6 and Galaxy [...]

Blue Topaz, Green Emerald for Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge colours now available thumbnail

Samsung had announced the exclusive Blue Topaz and Green Emerald colours for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge respectively at the launch but the hues remained elusive to interested customers, until now. Samsung has announced the availability of both the colours with the Blue one for Galaxy S6 and the Green one for Galaxy S6 [...]