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U.S. court rejects Samsung’s plea to hold Microsoft lawsuit thumbnail

U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff has confirmed the royalty-related lawsuit filed by Microsoft will proceed as planned, rejecting Samsung's request to hold the lawsuit. Samsung wanted a hold due to the arbitration they filed in Hong Kong and hoped the move would help them to slow things down in the United States but the judge [...]

Samsung YOUM Flexible Display

UPDATE: The article has been updated for better clarity. In addition to trimming down the smartphone range, another important piece of information to drop at Samsung's investor conference came from Samsung Display. According to Lee Chang-hoon from Samsung Display, the company is on track to secure about 40,000 flexible display panels by end of the [...]

Galaxy S5 Review

If you follow Samsung, you'll agree that the Korean company has way too many phones in their lineup. Good thing is Samsung recognises this and in a bid to swing back to record profits, the company is trying to bring in efficiency by trimming the smartphone range next year. Head of Investor Relations, Robert Yi [...]

PES 2015 Fan View Mode best viewed on Samsung’s Curved UHD TV thumbnail

Konami’s PES 2015 football game will soon receive an update that will integrate Fan View Mode and according to the company, the view is best enjoyed on Samsung Curved UHD TV. This endorsement is actually a part of the strategic partnership between Konami and Samsung who teamed up to create bespoke in-game elements that brings [...]

Samsung teams up with Blackberry to provide enterprise security for Android thumbnail

Samsung has announced a partnership with BlackBerry that will enhance its KNOX security solution. According to the new strategic partnership, Samsung Galaxy enterprise customers will be able to get BlackBerry’s recently announced BES12. The partnership works for both companies as this opens Samsung’s wide customer base to BlackBerry while Samsung gets BlackBerry’s security features that [...]

Gold Lacquer Curved UHD TV

Samsung has teamed up with Christie auction house to auction off a customised 78-inch Curved UHD TV. Samsung commissioned renowned designer Sung Yong Hong to implement Ottchil – a Korean lacquer painting technique – that showcases “Memory of TV” featuring iconic scenes and characters from television. The Curved UHD TV will be displayed at Christie's [...]

Project Beyond

Samsung is unveiling a lot of cool things at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco but the coolest of all seems to be Project Beyond - world's first 3D 360o omniview camera that will help harness virtual reality's potential. The camera captures and streams videos in high-resolution 3D, enabling users to experience as if [...]

Samsung counter-sues and alleges Nvidia for false benchmark; Nvidia says otherwise thumbnail

Earlier today, Samsung filed a lawsuit against Nvidia and one of its customer alleging patent infringement. The lawsuit is in retaliation to Nvidia's lawsuit from September this year when the graphics company took Samsung and Qualcomm to court for infringing GPU patents. However, the bigger bone of contention seems to be the benchmark that claimed [...]

Samsung will release Galaxy Note Edge in Germany, including a Premium Edition thumbnail

Samsung Germany recently started taking votes to see if consumers were really interested in a device that the Korean giant deemed "niche." Needless to say, the innovative device piqued consumers' interest and the German subsidiary has now decided to release the Galaxy Note Edge. While the device will be available across retail stores from January [...]

Samsung wins 36 CES Innovation Awards thumbnail

Just like every year, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), organisers of the CES tradeshow unveil Innovation Awards and Samsung has confirmed that they’ve won 36 awards this year. Compared to last year, Samsung has won 12 more awards and are evaluated on the basis of product’s engineering, aesthetic, design qualities, intended use/function and user value as [...]