100% Indie program will give full revenue to devs on Samsung Apps


UPDATE: To give a better understanding on the revenue share, check out the text below in the quotes.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to downloading apps on a Samsung device, Play Store is the go-to store and not Samsung Apps (except when they give away premium apps and games for free). One of the reasons is the limited catalogue of apps compared to Play Store. But Samsung has now teamed up with Chillingo – EA’s mobile games publishing division to launch ‘100% Indie’ developer program.

The program will start from March 4 and will allow developers to submit their games and apps on Samsung Apps wherein they’ll get to keep the full revenue of the app sales.

Developers can keep the share without paying a dime to Samsung for the first six months and after that will have to give 10 percent, 20 percent the following year and 30 percent after two years. The prevalent revenue sharing for most app stores is 70-30.

The program will enable Samsung to bolster their catalogue with decent quality apps and games and attract developers with a better revenue model.

Core to the 100% Indie initiative is that developers, big or small and on a non-exclusive basis, can self-publish on Samsung Apps and get back 100% of revenues for six months from March 4th. To clarify, the clock starts ticking from March 4th 2013. From September 4th 2013 games will enjoy 90% revenues; after March 4th 2014 it will go to 80%, before landing back at 70% in March 4th 2015.

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