Samsung TV Remote Control App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad



Samsung has released a TV remote control app on Apple’s App Store. The free app allows users to control their television sets over Wi-Fi. The app allows to perform basic remote control functions by touching the onscreen controls or control it via gestures to change the volume/channel with the help of accelerometer after touching the screen. It also doubles up as a keyboard and a game remote control for games on Internet@TV.

The app sounds promising but here are some requirements to make it work. Firstly, users need to have Wi-Fi in their TVs or buy a USB Wi-Fi dongle separately from Samsung and secondly, the app will work with 2010 TV Models with Internet@TV only.

Some 2009 models also support Internet@TV so technically it should work but we cannot confirm it. Maybe you can download the app from here and let us know.

iTunes link

[Thanks, Mark!]

  • dvdb

    I can’t get it to work.
    I connected a UE40C6740S with samsung wireless USB stick and a UE32C6740S with a cable to the same network and accesspoint.
    Ipod os4 with app connected to the same accesspoint.

    Both are C types.
    After starting the app it does an auto discovery but no results.
    Updated both TV’s to softwareversion 2010/11/04_003003. (Previous version 002004)

    Anyone with tips?

    Thanks, dvdb

  • Veera

    I copied and pasted this option from the earlier post..

    Did you enable the “wireless remote” setting in the TV menu already. If not it will certainly not work.

  • dvdb

    Veera thanks for your comment.

    It works.

    The wireless remote (Dutch: Draadloze afstandbediening) was set to on (Dutch: AAN) but I could not get a connection.

    This is what I did to solve the problem for me:

    - Set the wireless remote option to OFF (Plug and play menu, last option)
    - Push enter and quit the menu and switch the TV OFF and ON
    - Start the app on the ipod/iphone and do a auto discovery. The app can’t find the TV because the option is set to OFF.
    - Set the wireless remote option to ON
    - Push enter and quit the menu and switch the TV OFF and ON
    - Start the app on the ipod/iphone and do a auto discovery. Now the app found my TV set and I could use the application

    Hope this helps for other people.
    For me the app works with a UE40C6740S and a UE32C6740S


  • nick

    dvdb….well done this worked for me :)

    Those who cant see the wireless remote option….it is at the bottom of the ‘plug and play menu’ just scroll down it is there.

    I have a 7 series connected via Lan and wireless netgear router.

  • Steve

    Hi, I just tried this but for some reason the Plug and Play menu is greyed out and I can’t select it? I have a UE46B8000 with @Internet tv etc… Its running the latest firmware as well which is 3002/

    Any ideas as to why my menu is restricted?

  • Dvdb


    I read the app works only with C type tv’s.
    Maybe that is the reason?
    Are all options in the plug and play menu are grayed out?
    Do you see the remote control option?


  • Jeff

    Works great, don’t know what all the complaining is about.

  • princess

    I had problems at first as well, and aside from the remote control option being turned on (under the plug and play from the menu), I also had to push the CONTENT button, scroll over to AllShare and it detected the remote app.

  • paul

    on tv you have to go to menu>setup>wireless remote control

    set up instructions follow

    if not “wireless remote control” option then not compatible

  • Pris

    Does not work. Followed all instructions, bummer. Im so sad. Really wish it did.

  • Blacky

    hey you Puss**s.. RTFM Read The Fu**ing Manunal!!!

    ist CLEARLY written, you will need at least a 2010 **C650* or above to connect with the IPhone !!!!!!

    but does someone know the Ports the App uses?? I have a special Lan Setup and need to setup kind a Portforwarding


  • Jon

    I too have a UE40C6000 and I cannot find the wireless remote option on the menu. The manual states that this option should be there, but it is not visible.

    mas could you please let me know on your tv (UE40C6000) where this menu option is, I’m wondering if a firmware upgrade has removed it?

  • http://Update Blacky

    Hi there,

    An update of the App has been released, with the Effect that i now cant connect to the tv anymorr

  • John needs help!

    Is it possible to stream iPhone music to my le46c750?
    It is driving me nuts! I have tried everything!

    Many thanks


  • Don


    I have just coped the ue40c6005 and can’t find the remote menu??? Got the latest firmware as well, please how can I fix this? And I coped this tv just because of this function.

  • 40C6530

    Works nicely on 40C6530 using wired connection over homeplug network to adsl. Had to use manual network settings and it worked. Initial connection has to be authorised by tv remote and it then auto connects. Great App

  • David

    Up until today I fell into the “i have the right tv, but it still doesn’t work” category. I FINALLY figured it out. It was my wireless router. I have qwest DSL and I was using the qwest wireless router/modem combo as my access point. The problem was the qwest router. I am not sure what it was doing but once I eliminated it from the equation they connected. Simply put a linksys (or preferred non-crappy router) between your modem and the tv/iphone as the access point. Hope this helps the 25% that still can’t get it to work.

    TV is UN55C6500

  • Saad

    I hope they update to work with all “B” series :(

  • rich b

    love it ! , better than the samsung remote .. 3gs

  • Abso

    I have a C700 model. It works fine with some all other wireless networks then mine. I have tested it with friends wireless network and the iphone application controlled the TV but when i choose my wireless network it can not pass the searching for TV part on iphone. Is there a specific setting on router that may interrupt the communication between iphone and the TV?

  • Stubaru

    This looks like a great app but will not work for me.

    it Detects and connects to my LN46C650 fine but after around 4 seconds it disconnects saying “network “Disconnected.. Network Connection Failure..”

    Durring that 4 seconds I can control the tv fine. Its just a giant tease this would be so cool if it worked!!

    if anyone knows a fix to this please send me an email I would be REALLY greatful.

  • HDTV

    Sofar the App worked flawlessly with both my iPhone 3GS and Ipad in combination with the UE46C7700.

    However, suddenly the App stopped working while settings on the TV are unchanged. iPhone and Ipad are still displayed in the TV menu as valid devices.

    Unclear what the reason is. I updates both my iPhone and iPad to iOS 4.3 but would be surprised if that caused this problem.

    By the way, my Samsung Galaxy Tab still works correct as remote.

  • HDTV

    Update to my own posting: It looks like iOS 4.3 created the problem

  • Kalyan sankar

    Works on samsung blu ray player BD D5700 with wifi
    Auto discovery says it is a samsung dvr,but
    WhO cares!!
    Great to search for movies with keyboard:)))

  • Gabrielo

    seems it depends on region, if visit the UK website

    I can see the UK model UE40C7000 has the “Wireless Remote Control” under the feature list
    but Hong Kong model UA40C7000 doesn’t show this option in it’s spec.

    Yes, mine is UA40C7000…………. and it doesn’t allow me to upgrade to UK’s firmware.
    it’s a kind of discrimination against Asian by a korea brand?

    also the india model doesn’t show this option in it’s page.

  • pepepijo

    Uncheck uPNP in your router, if not it can’t find the TV…

  • greg

    Has anyone tried this app with the ps50C680 50″ 3D tv there is not wireless remote funtion but its a c series has allshare and is plug via ethanet cable to router. Is there any other ways on getting this app to work. Also using samsung galaxy tablet

  • William

    Re:Kalyan sankar – I just purchased the BD D5700 but the app detects it as a TV and fails saying tv menu not set up properly. Did you have to change any settings to get your to work the way it did?


  • David Lee

    I just downloaded this App from apple store and tried to connect to my 55C9000 samsung. My TV is not listed. I’m using the wireless dongle to update the Internet@TV channels.

    My iOS is the 4.31 and an Iphone4.

    My router is far away to the TV. It’s not possible to connect with a cable.

    • Jamesm67

      Did you ever have any luck David? I have the same television. Hasn’t recognized it yet. I have same phone but it’s a Verizon.

  • David Lee

    After trying several times, worked fine.

  • Mangames

    I have LN40B650 model, Internet@TV is available. I am trying to connect my ipod 4g with my TV with this app but yet no luck. The auto discovery screen stays all the time. Please advise.


  • daas

    Its for ‘C’ models only 2010 tvs…

  • Mangames

    Well that’s explain a lot.

  • sj

    no more keyboard functionality in the app? that’s really lame samsung.
    useless app.

  • JamesM67

    Hi Mark… thanks for this posting. Quick question. I have the newly discontinued UN55C9000 and have successfully set it up on the home WiFi network. However, after downloading the app, it never recognized the TV. I have a Verizon iPhone and have this growing suspicion that there is a firmware bias/delay there. Any thoughts?

  • Cederbond


    • Pablo

      I’ve been actually looking for an answer to that, to see if could turn my TV on with the app, but I can see by your commentes it’s not.
      Same problem and complaint here Hope samsung takes care of it soon. It sucks you need to have your remote beside you as well.

  • Sydtunes

    I have a brand new UN60D6500 and cannot get it to work with my iPhone, iPad or Android Phone. The TV recognizes my wireless Router and connects to the internet but I cannot get any of those devices to work. I’m using an older Linksys G Wireless Router.
    Any suggestions?

  • Rui Oliveira

    Hello, according to the description on the AppStore it should work with Internet@TV capable TVs from 2010.

    I have a UE40B8000 from 2010 with Internet@TV Feature, shouldn’t it work?


  • Gmailjdj

    My Samsung 7000 series tv is not being detected by the app. Can someone please help with this problem? Thanks :)

  • Meic Sullivan

    My iPad app has stopped working, I get a network connection error. Until recently it worked fine on both the tv (ued8000 and blu ray player bd5530. I think the latest s/w update has caused problems. Anybody else had this problem and solved it?

    • Pat_nieman

      Just solved this myself.

      I had the same problem after I updated my iPad OS. What you need to do is remove the device from the allowed devices on the TV and then re-add your iPad just like when you first installed the Samsung iPad app.

      Hope this helps…

    • Kayakeruk22

      Same problem worked until I updated my iPad.

  • CarloB

    I have the same problem. Allways get network Connection error since I update to latest iOS. reinstall doesn’t help nor anything else. Also remove and readding as Remote doesn’t work.

  • Amb0120

    When I go to use app it saws network connection failure. Everything on tv is set up properly.

    • Dmglaptop

      Same for me. The ap worked fine until recently, can not seem to fix with disconnecting and connecting