Samsung to launch white-colored Galaxy devices in Germany, including Galaxy Note

White-colored Galaxy Devices


Samsung Germany has announced that they’ll introduce white-colored variants of Galaxy devices in time for the winter season. Expected to launch in December, the devices that will get the new paint job includes Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note.

The prices and other features are expected to be the same.

  • Piyush

    Do you have any idea about their availability in India.
    I went to the stores to buy it, but it (white) is not available anywhere.

    • Kunal Gangar

      White is not available yet.

      • Piyush

        That means ill have to wait till it comes here. :(
        keep us updated as u always do. Thanks.

        • Kunal Gangar


          • Ivkatweety

            I am from Slovakia, i like these white editiom from Samsung do u think it will be available to buy in Slovakia or Ukraina?

          • piyush

            Now its available in India. :)