Samsung unveils Series 5 Ultrabook in South Korea

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook


Samsung has made its new Series 5 Ultrabooks official in South Korea. Coming in sizes of 14-inch and 13-inch, the Ultrabooks are equipped with Intel’s Core i5 processor and come with choices of 128GB SSD (or HDD) storage and up to 8GB RAM for enhanced performance.

The 20.9mm 14-inch notebook weighs 1.8kg, is carved out of an aluminum chassis and features an anti-reflective 1366×768 display, 1TB HDD with 16GB SSD, an optical disc drive, AMD HD7550M GPU. Other features include USB port, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, VGA port and HDMI port.

The 13-inch Series 5 Ultrabook on the other hand is slimmer than the 14-inch one with 14.9mm thickness, weighs 1.4kg and comes with a similar resolution display with anti-reflective coating, 500GB HDD with 16GB SSD, integrated Intel graphics, and different ports like USB / Ethernet / VGA / HDMI and Wi-Fi.

Samsung says ExpressCache has been used in these Ultrabooks that allow them to boot from hibernation to the desktop in about 7 seconds. Samsung’s Fast Start allows the notebook from sleep mode to the main screen in just 2 seconds.

Series 5 will be available in South Korea by end of December for a price varying from 1,290,000 won (US$1125) to 1,490,000 won (US$1298) for 13-inch and 1,340,000 won (US$1167) to 1,540,000 won (US$1341) for the 14-inch Ultrabook.

  • Mohamed Panju

    Why hello gorgeous! And I am not referring to the Ultrabook ;)

  • Jedibeeftrix

    fail samsung!

    give me a 13″ chassis WITHOUT an optical drive and WITH a gpu.

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  • Gregory

    If that’s

  • Jia Li

    Samsung, take out the optical drive in the 14″ and use it for bigger battery and make that screen 1600×900 and matte. Then you got a winner.

  • Korovkin Maksim