Samsung Apps offering 16 games free for Galaxy devices


UPDATE: Looks like there’s a decent amount of interest for free games and for those who cannot get the games can try this. This has not been verified but it should work (let us know in the comments).

- Download Samsung Apps APK from here (I9100 version) and install on your device.
- Download Market Enabler (needs root) from Android Market
- Change the Market region to UK, Germany or Italy
- Open Samsung Apps and accept the T&C
- You should see the game in the store (or search for it) and download it

Samsung in the past has released free games for its Galaxy S II phone but with the new promotion, they’re offering quite a few games for its Galaxy devices.

Some of the games that users can download are Air Penguin, Air Attack HD, Riptide GP, Paladog, Sprinkle and more. You can check out the full list below.

We are pleased to offer our users a promotion which enables them to download popular apps, optimized to their Galaxy smart device, for free. The apps we offer will challenge game lovers, while also raising awareness about Samsung Apps as an exclusive destination for Samsung smart device users.

  • SimsP

    What about NFS Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit?

    • Kunal Gangar

      Hot Pursuit was available only for the European region but its easy to get it. Also, the app availability may vary from region to region.

      • Anonymous

        Which country, specifically? Tried may European countries and none worked.

    • Parth

      i wanted the NFS shift support

  • danny

    I can download all except Zixxby.

    • v41

      I believe Zixxby only available for South Korean, you may try using Market Enabler to find it.

  • Frankie Bloise

    i’ve downloaded a few!

  • Maniskul

    hey i hav wave 2 which runs on bada os, r these available for me too?
    wud they support my os?

    • Kunal Gangar

      It does not support any of the bada devices.

  • Devin James Richter

    Does it cover a “Samsung Droid Charge?” I am guessing not…doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • Hailtothaking

    Okay, where would this download happen? And when will they patch the awful stock browser on the Nexus 4g?

  • Tim Swann

    What about the Galaxy Nexus which costs more than any of the phones listed above?

    • Anonymous

      My Galaxy Note > your Galaxy Nexus. Yes I owned and sold the GSM nexus (in US).

      • Tim Swann

        what’s so great about the Note? nothing

        • Jonbly Herbert

          Bigger screen, better resolution – that’s what.

          Once ICS rolls onto the Note…

  • Thomas Gregerson

    where do i download these?
    It still says it will charge my carrier bill on the android app store and samsung app store says its services aren’t available in the US

  • Edward Smith

    where do I down load these? Not available on the market for free download….anyone?

    • Edward Smith

      Found it, only UK for SGSII. Type Samsung Apps on Google its the first result

      • Anonymous

        HEY I’m SORA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice. Got most for my Galaxy Note!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, downloaded Riptide and many others for my S2.

  • Sutjahjo

    Are we able to change the region back after

    • ItemSize

      Yes mate. It’s just to get access to the download.