First Android 4.0 ROM for Galaxy Note (I9220) leaked in China


UPDATE: Looks like devs and early adopters have managed to work it on GT-N7000. However, tread with caution. XDA-Dev

We have seen quite a few Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs leaked for Galaxy S II but this is the first time we’re seeing an Android 4.0 ROM trickle out for Galaxy Note. The leak originated on a Chinese forum and is compatible with Galaxy Note with model number GT-I9220. To be clear, I9220 is the Chinese variant of Note and won’t work with the international version of Note, which is GT-N7000.

This is a leaked and apparently an alpha or a beta build, so don’t expect everything to run butter smooth. However, camera and Bluetooth reportedly work fine.

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  • Angel Angelov

    GT-I9220 and GT-N7000 are the same device! These are NOT two different devices! I flashed this ROM on my GT-N7000 with mobile ODIN and it flashed without any problems.

    • AussieMatt

      I had option while in china to buy the gt-i9228g or the iternational one, got the chinese one as it came with extra battery and charger. hope i can rom it to international as there is onpy chinese app store. :-/

  • Shivang

    yaar format code btaoo iska plz