Foxconn CEO claims iPhone 5 will put Galaxy S III to “shame”

Galaxy S III


For the uninitiated, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. aka Foxconn is the manufacturer of Apple products like iPhone and iPad and at the annual shareholders’ meeting, Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou came out with strong words against the Korean chaebol and its new flagship – Galaxy S III.

Gou urged consumers to not go for Galaxy S III as the upcoming iPhone 5 will put the Samsung phone “to shame.” If that was not enough, Gou lashed out at Samsung for being a “company with a track record of snitching on its competitors,” a reference to flat panel price fixing investigation conducted by the EU Commission in 2010.


  • Exynos5

    i agree….i still feel s2 is better in terms of screen…..the camera is same as 4s (according to tear down)….and to be frank its just a software enhancement than hardware( using the same a9 architecture)….

  • John

    Next he will be saying that his factory working conditions are on a par with google’s

  • 21221

    terry gook is pissed cause Sammy is not made by foxconn.


    Then the Galaxy Note II will put the iPhone 5 to shame ;)

  • ddd

    hon hai is not optimistic person because apple is better than samsung, so screw you. samsung is better than apple but apple company always sucks.