JK Shin Confirms Galaxy S III Mini For Tomorrow’s Event

JK Shin


We didn’t really had any doubts on tomorrow’s agenda but if you were looking for an official confirmation, JK Shin confirmed to South Korean reporters that the Galaxy S III mini will be unveiled tomorrow in Germany.

Shin didn’t divulge any more details on the device except for the fact that it will have a 4-inch display and is mainly due to high demand of a 4-inch device in Europe.

The mini variant is expected to be similar to Galaxy S III in design but low on price.


  • 21221

    this is a great idea to steal some of apple customers

  • Berati

    You are the greatest Samsung congratulate you for this excellent idea but when it will come Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 look forward ..You have always made ​​the best phone for me so I know you can do I trust in Samsung ….Berat from Kosovo ..