Samsung Blue Earth Phone will make environmentalists happy

Samsung Blue Earth Solar Powered Phone


Samsung just announced Blue Earth phone which is by far the greenest phone I have seen. The touchscreen phone has a solar panel at the back which is used to charge the phone. Apart from being solar powered, Samsung has not used any environment harming components. The handset is made from PCM recycled plastic that is extracted from water bottles.

The concrete specs are still awaited but a few software features add to its environment friendly tag. The phone can be used in ‘eco mode’ which adjusts the screen brightness, backlight duration and Bluetooth to energy efficient settings and there’s an app called ‘eco-walk’ that counts the number of steps and shows how much trees the user has saved.

Blue Earth will be at MWC and we are pretty excited to see how this phone turns out to be. As for the launch, it will come in second half of 2009.