Two e-book readers announced by Samsung at CES

Samsung E6 E-book reader


We expected Samsung to unveil a Wi-Fi equipped e-book reader but didn’t expect they would show us two. Nonetheless, it’s good news for consumers as it attracts two types of crowds – who want a portable 6-inch E6 (SNE-60K) or 10.1-incher E101 (SNE-100K). However, its sizes and e-book capability are not the ones Samsung is proud about. In fact, it’s the handwriting capability support that enables to add annotations, notes, to-dos or anything else write on the screen with the help of a dedicated electromagnetic resonance (EMR) pen. Other than that, both the e-book readers feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Samsung claims four hours of charging could give up to two weeks of use. The E6 and E101 will sell for $399 and $699 respectively.