Samsung developing YP-MB2 to take on iPod touch?



UPDATE 2: Samsung YP-MB2 specs leaked.

UPDATE: Likeraser claims Android OS and Chocoberryp pinged us to confirm the same that we inadvertently missed from the listing.

A new (yet unreliable) source hit us recently claiming that Samsung is working on a media player that will take on iPod touch (and even Zune HD). The source’s dependability was questionable but a stumble on a Bluetooth filing from Samsung somewhat proves that the source maybe right.

Samsung filed for a certification of YP-MB2 but interestingly, the Bluetooth listing says “Samsung MID”. Now if you’re acquainted with Samsung’s music player nomenclature, YP stands for Yepp, which is their music player line. MB2 is the successor of MB1 or M1 (non-DMB version). A quick search at the Bluetooth site for M1 reveals that the listing mentions M1 as “Samsung MP3 Player”.

We’re not sure if this turns out to be correct or not but wouldn’t it be logical for Samsung to fight with a similarly featured product?

A Tegra-equipped MB2 (or M2) with a browser, Wi-Fi, support for Samsung Apps and possibly a Super AMOLED screen could make a worthy competitor against iPod touch or Zune HD. Don’t you think?

[Thanks, Mak!]

    • AMora May 24, 2010, 7:19 pm

      We think you are right.