Samsung intros M2, C2 Portable HDDs, M3 Desktop Station

Samsung External HDD with SuperSpeed 3.0


Samsung today announced a new range of portable and desktop hard drives. Portable hard drives consist of entry-level M2 Portable series and C2 Portable 3.0 that feature storage support up to 1TB, USB 2.0 and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 support.

Additionally, M2 Portable has a wave-like matte finish to protect against finger smudges, curved sides for better grip and will come in four different colors – Brown Black, Noble Beige, Mist Gray and Clay Orange.

On the other hand, C2 Portable 3.0 will come in two color options Mystic Gray and Ruby Red and has an iF award-winning design with a transparent high-gloss cover and crystalized pattern. It also has Samsung Drive Manager which is a unified solution for various Samsung software like SecretZone, data backup, disk format and more.

The M3 Station is a desktop storage solution that also supports USB 2.0 and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. It adopts a similar design like the M2 Station with rounded corners and LED light on the front. It will come in Brown Black and Noble Beige in capacities of 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB.

All the drives are expected to reach in Q2 2011 in different markets with M2 Portable shipments slated to begin from mid-April whereas C2 Portable and M3 Station is expected to ship from May.

Samsung External HDD with SuperSpeed 3.0