Telstra announces Galaxy S II in Australia, claims the phone is more optimized than on competitive networks

Galaxy S II


Telstra has announced to bring Galaxy S II on their network despite the phone being available in Australia for past few weeks. Although the feature set remains the same, Telstra claims the delay in launch was due to the optimization being done to the device.

Consumers picking up the phone from Telstra can experience lesser number of drop calls, improved UI performance, data speeds and more.

The phone will be available from July 26 with choices of different plans or can buy without any contract for AU$840.

Testing times but it’s worth the wait

Many of you have asked why Telstra has released the Galaxy SII a little later than the competition. One of the reasons is that Telstra rigorously tests smartphones before they are launched onto our network. That means that our phones are not just compatible with our 850Mhz Next G® network – they’re optimised to run on it.

As a general rule Telstra puts new smartphones through three test cycles. We do this because we know you expect the best from your new purchase. We’re told by handset manufactures that it’s one of the most compete testing regimes anywhere in the world. At the conclusion of each test cycle we ask our vendor partners to resolve any significant issues identified. These improvements eventually comprise a Next G®-optimised software package that runs the phone. Sometimes it will also result in hardware changes.

As a result of Telstra testing, a number of improvements will appear on the Telstra variant Samsung Galaxy SII. These include:

Better UMTS 850 RF sensitivity reducing instances of call drops and improved data speeds. This was achieved by asking Samsung to tune the calibration of the antenna based on Telstra’s test results.
Improved UI performance/responsiveness.
Improved data throughput rates when used as a tethered modem on some operating systems
Improved attachment handling when using the e-mail client.
Improved stability when used as a Wi-Fi hotspot.