Samsung Hercules aka Galaxy S II variant confirmed for T-Mobile


Looks like Samsung’s Telus-bound Hercules will also find its way to T-Mobile in US. TmoNews and PocketNow both scored some pictures of the Galaxy S II variant aka Hercules showing the front and back of the devices. Just like Samsung did with the original Galaxy S variants, this Galaxy S II has also undergone a visible design change — which sports a Nexus S-like design on the front and a brushed metal design at the back.

On the hardware front, the phone is expected to have a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor (no Exynos), 42Mbps HSPA support, tad larger 4.5-inch display 8MP camera with full HD recording support, NFC and more.

Samsung had confirmed to reveal US-specific Galaxy S II this month.