Samsung develops 32GB DDR3 RAM using TSV Package Tech


Samsung has announced the development of new 32GB DDR3 RAMs that use 3D Through Silicon Via or simply, TSV package technology. These RDIMM modules are apt for high-performance servers and are based on Samsung’s 30nm-class 4Gb DDR3. Needless to say, the modules boast high transmission speeds while consuming very less power. The 32GB RDIMM with TSV transmits at a speed of up to 1,333Mbps whereas consumes just 4.5 watts per hour, which is the lowest power consumption amongst the enterprise servers.

Samsung says such performance and power consumption is due to the adoption of TSV tech that enables a multi-stacked chip to work at comparable levels of a single silicon chip by shortening the signal lines significantly.

These 32GB RDIMMs fully support the high-density and high-performance requirements of next-generation high-capacity servers. We will keep providing memory solutions with higher performance and density, while enhancing shared value in the design of ever-greener server systems.