Modified Galaxy handsets to remove photo flicking feature


Samsung yesterday announced to sell modified Galaxy handsets in Netherlands but was mum on the amount of modification. However, they’ve now confirmed to us that the new handsets viz. Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace will go on sale from Oct 14 i.e. tomorrow and have a new UI function for ‘photo flicking.’

We have applied one of several alternative features that we had developed in order to provide a seamless user experience for consumers.

Models featuring the new UI function (as an alternative to the ‘photo flicking’) will be available on the market from Oct 14th, 2011.

With the ‘photo flicking’ feature, the image on screen appears to bounce when the user first touches the display and then flicks to the next image when touched again.

As an alternative, Samsung applied its “blue glow” user interface feature, where blue light highlights the edge of the image when the display is first touched.