Samsung to integrate bada OS with Tizen, hints at non-phone bada devices


Samsung will merge its home-grown bada OS with Tizen OS, an executive has confirmed. In an interview with Forbes, Tae-Jin Kang, Senior Vice President of Samsung’s Contents Planning Team confirmed that they’ll merge both the operating systems.

Kang refrained from giving an exact timeline but said the work is “already underway” and will support backward compatibility with existing bada apps.

Samsung however, is yet to decide on how much the bada OS will be integrated with Tizen. Kang said bada could power lower-end and single-core phones whereas Tizen will go for high-end devices that aren’t powered by Android or Windows Phone.

Kang also hinted on releasing a “non-phone” bada device, which could mean Samsung could come up with a bada tablet or a TV in the near future.