Samsung’s JY Lee and another executive can get arrested in South Korea

Jay Y. Lee

South Korean prosecution is coming hard at Samsung chief’s son, JY Lee (Lee Jae-yong). The special prosecutor’s office in South Korea grilled JY Lee for more than 15 hours for his involvement in bribing the president as well as embezzling and hiding assets overseas. The prosecution office has sought a warrant to arrest Samsung vice chairman, JY Lee along with another Samsung executive going by the name of SJ Park (Park Sang-jin). The office will also bring an additional charge of perjury against Lee.

Last month, the district court turned down the request of arresting JY Lee and will hear the prosecution case for arrest warrant on Thursday.

Samsung, as usual, has denied any wrongdoing and claims to have “absolutely never bribed the president” for illicit gains.

The role of SJ Park is also unclear at the moment but the prosecution office will provide more details tomorrow.

If arrested, there will be some impact on the company initially but the Korean behemoth isn’t expected to be affected drastically in the long term.