Samsung Galaxy S II global sales pass 20 million units

Galaxy S II


Samsung’s Galaxy S II has reached another iconic milestone. Samsung has confirmed that its 4.3-inch phone has surpassed sales (to channels and distributors) of 20 million units since its launch 10 months ago in April, about 7 months early than Galaxy S reached the same milestone.

Cumulatively, Samsung has sold around 42 million units of Galaxy S and Galaxy S II.

Galaxy S II received a good response since the beginning. Samsung managed to sell the first million in the first month, five million in three months and 10 million units in just five months.

  • Anthony Tumiwa

    its why apple want to ban them :D

  • Milehighwakeboarder

    Impressive and they’re still selling like hotcakes. The GF just bought one per my suggestion. Well, that and she thought it was a very sexy device. Go Samsung!!!