Samsung develops Secu-NFC Chip for Secure Mobile Payments

Samsung Secu-NFC Chip SENHRN1


Samsung has created a new Near Field Communication (NFC) chip that tries to make contactless mobile payments more secure. The Secu-NFC chip SENHRN1 is integrated with an NFC controller and a secure element that stores all the sensitive information along with security keys and encryption. The secure element we’re talking about is a 760KB high-density flash memory that stores user information like credit card codes, e-money and more.

Samsung says this Secu-NFC chip measures the same (4.3×4.3×1.0mm) as a standalone NFC chip that will allow mobile phone manufacturers to integrate the new secured solution without additional cost or engineering.

Additionally, NFC’s controller has a battery-off feature which allows the NFC chip to be active even when the mobile phone’s battery is exhausted.

Samsung is currently sampling the Secu-NFC chip to its customers and will be showcased at the CARTES 2011 expo in Paris.

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    • Sascha Wycisk November 16, 2011, 12:35 am

      is this secu-nfc chip the same one as in the galaxy nexus?