STMicroelectronics To Use Samsung Foundry Services



Samsung has confirmed that it will produce STMicroelectronics’ products at their foundry facility using the 32/28 High-K Metal Gate (HKMB) process. Samsung will be responsible to manufacture STMicroelectronics’ new generation 32/28nm SoCs and have already taped-out a dozen of their chips targeted at mobile, consumer and network applications.

“A foundry relationship with ST demonstrates our commitment to advanced process technology and our 32/28nm HKMG process-technology leadership. We have aggressively ramped 32/28nm capacity and will continue to deliver the most advanced process solutions to our customers,” said Kwang-Hyun Kim, executive vice president of Foundry business, Device Solutions, Samsung Electronics.

Both Samsung and STMicroelectronics have developed 32/28nm HKMG process technology through the International Semiconductor Development Alliance (ISDA).