Samsung will stop selling Windows RT-powered ATIV Tab in some European countries [Updated]

Samsung ATIV Tab

UPDATE: Please find a statement from Samsung Germany below.

Samsung has confirmed to German media outlets that they would stop selling the ATIV Tab that runs Windows RT OS. The stop of sales will be effective in Germany and some other unspecified European countries due to low interest shown by the retailers but as per the writing of the post, the tablet is still available on Amazon Germany.

This ATIV Tab shares a similar fate in the United States where Samsung decided to completely skip the release due to the lack of demand from its retail partners.

The major difference between the Windows RT and regular Windows 8 OS is the use of ARM-based processor in the former whereas a full-fledged OS runs on x86 architecture.

Samsung doesn’t plan additional shipment to Germany for the ATIV Tab (based on Windows RT). But, of course, we will continue to pursue our multi-platform strategy, which includes the Microsoft Windows platform.